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Affordable Best Midi Dresses You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Being a woman is not that easy as we thought it would. We all want to transform ourselves into that stylish fashionista we have inside of us. However, always looking on the flick is expensive, especially if you’re going to follow the rule of not repeating outfits. And it is also very, very, time-consuming.

An excellent way to look super put together without having to overthink are best midi dresses.

What are midi dresses?

Midi dresses and skirts are the kinds where the hem ends halfway between the knee and the ankle. They are technically mid-calf, but if you want to look good on one of those, then make sure it doesn’t end mid-calf, especially if you are short. You want it to be a little above or below so your legs are still stylized.

Since it is not short, midi dresses tend to look very classy. They are always a great look for spring since they tend to be light and vaporous.

When chosen well, a midi dress will make you look stylish AF. You can combine it with a lot of different things and make them look as elegant or casual as you want.

If you want to pull off those outfits you see on social media, and a midi dress is one of the easiest ways to do it, put on your dress, some strappy high heels and look like you made an effort.

casual midi dresses

How can I style midi dresses?

There are mainly three styles of midi dresses. First, you have spring midi dresses; they are vaporous and usually come in floral patterns; these work great with a jean jacket or a cotton sweater.

Then you have summer best midi dresses, which tend to be much lighter and have a beach vibe to them. Think white and cream colours to look extra fresh. Then there are the formal midi dresses, which shouldn’t be used in too formal events.

However, they are a great option for cocktails and formal brunches. Much of the formal midi dresses are short dresses with a transparent continuation to the skirt that reaches mid-calf.

If you are short, midi dresses might be a little harder to pull, however, some strappy high heels and a belt should do the trick and actually might have you looking longer.

Vintage Midi Dress

vintage sundress

As the name suggests, this dress comes with a vintage cut and fabric. It buttons up at the from and has bags (I know! We love bags in dresses!). The top part is tight to the waist where the skirt begins, and it is cut loose.

The fabric is cotton like, which will keep you fresh during the hot spring and summer days. This kind of dress looks great with a light jean jacket.

vintage midi dresses

Try to avoid heavy necklaces, since they’ll take attention from your neckline, a light chain with a shiny charm.

You can style the dress with either strappy heels, wedges or just simple sandals. The dress comes in 29 different patterns for you to choose the one that fits better with your occasion.

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Casual Style Dress

casual midi dresses aliexpress

This one is very similar to the previous one. The difference comes in the material of the fabric (which is cotton) and the cut of the dress.

This dress is also tight at the chest part; however, the skirt falls more closely to the body, creating a more hip accentuated figure for you.

It also has buttons down the front and bags (cause we love dress bags). The Fit and Flare silhouette and the spaghetti straps accentuate more square-like body types.

midi dresses simplee

Because of the overall shape of the dress, I’d recommend not wearing a jacket. However, a light sweater or jean jacket might work if you don’t want to get chilly. Wear strappy heels to make it look a notch more elegant.

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Elegant Midi Dress

elegant midi dresses

This one is a different kind of midi. We are now entering the formal world of the midi dresses. This dress is tight with a pod silhouette.

It has something between a round and a V-shaped neckline that hangs a little at the front. The fabric is velvety, which makes the dress look extra sexy.

elegant midi dresses blue

It has a low back with spaghetti straps. This dress will really accentuate your figure and make you look curvy and fabulous. The length is above mid-calf, and because of the shape of the dress, you will probably look longer.

Remember to put on some high heels with this one. If you wear flats, the dress doesn’t look formal enough, and you will look like a tamale. Wear heels or pumps for your legs to look extra long.

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Polka Dot Midi Dress

sleeveless midi dresses

This dress has polka dots. The fabric is super light and flowy. It has a spring at the height of the waist and an A-line skirt. Unlike the previous dresses, this one doesn’t have spaghetti straps, which is great if you have a wide back.

The round neckline and thick straps will make you look more demure. This dress is a little below mid-calf getting almost to the heels, this particular length will look great with either heels or flats depending on the occasion, you could even wear some sandals.

If you are going casual throw a jean jacket on, if not try with a shawl. The dress comes in five different colors, all in polka dot patterns. If you want to make it a bit more stylish, put on a lean belt at the height of the waist.

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Oldies Prints

strip print midi dresses

Another vintage dress but quite different from the previous ones. This one is very casual and perfect for a little afternoon hangout. It is also A-line and has a pronounced V-shape neckline.

It is sleeveless, but the straps go a little off the shoulder, so it probably isn’t a great option if you have a wide back.

However, this dress will make your waist pop because of the thick ribbon (7cm) that you wrap around. It comes in four different colored strap prints.

You can wear it with some kitten heels, and the outfit will look great.

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Floral Prints Midi Dress

This dress also has an A-line like the one before. However, this one is a little bit more demure at the top part.

However, the V-shape neckline will make your top part look very nice and flattered. The back is also low, and the dress has bags on the sides. 

It comes in 20 (yes 20) different prints that are very vintage and perfect for springtime. Floral patterns, polka dots, or whatever fits your personality better. This dress looks great with some strappy heels and a nice hat, and it makes a great outfit for a brunch.

If you are feeling cold, throw on a jacket that matches, to look extra fashion, don’t put your arms inside the sleeves, just wear it over your shoulders.

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If you want to carry the midi dress look everywhere this year, above are some fantastic options that are also very affordable, because as much as we’d like to, we probably don’t have the money to buy a million midi dresses to pull off in different outfits every day. 

Now you have some amazing options to upgrade your style a little. Throw them on with some nice shoes and add light, discreet jewellery. You will be attracting glances from everyone in the room.

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