Best Swimwear stores on AliExpress

Best swimswear sellers on aliexpress

It’s never an easy task to find a nice swimsuit if you live in a small town, especially if you want to buy not one but two.

It’s either the price is steep or the design you find on the street is very boring.

If this is something you face or you want something new but relatively cheap, then “Welcome to Aliexpress”. It’s always glad to help and to provide you with a huge variety of different items.

We are here to save your time!

We’ve prepared this list of Best Swimwear Stores on AliExpress. 

#1 Andzhelika Official Store

swimwear aliexpress Andzhelika

As a lifestyle brand, Andzhelika aims to provide trendy designs with affordable prices to young women along with providing outstanding quality and superb customer service. Their up to date style, competitive excellence and fair price define them as the winner of the Best Swimwear Stores in Aliexpress.

Andzhekika creates high-end fashion swimsuits located in the elegant, retro-like niche and they are enjoyed by the majority of customers deeply.

The balance of price, the number of sales and the diversity of swimwear you can find make this my favourite store on this list.

There are lots of beautiful items in this store, and there is a massive variety of swimwear.

They have sport-style swimwear and classic models too. You can find swimming suits for children and infants too.

The variation for the ladies is astonishingly, and there are even plus sizes too. 

The max size of the items is 3XL.

Shop with Andzhelika Official Store

#2 EONAR Official Store

swimwear aliexpress eonar

This store will surprise you immensely. It is an extraordinary store, and you are probably wondering what makes it so unique?

Even though it only has 37 items at the moment, the prices of these items are simply amazing. I don’t understand how they can offer such great prices!

Even though the range of swimwear is small, the quality is sublime, and you can see facts that prove this when you look at the sheer quantity of sales in this Ali Express store.

For this reason, I believe that this AliExpress store is one of the best around.

Shop with EONAR Official Store

#3 TELAURA Swimwear Store

swimwear aliexpress telaura

TeLaura is a fashion swimwear brand, providing a high quality and fashion design swimsuit.

If you are looking for a simple yet comfortable, high quality and affordable price kind of swimwear, TeLaura is the top choice.

The assortment in this store is not huge. There are only approximately 150 items. However, the quality of these attires is simply some of the best that you will ever see.

For this reason, I believe that this AliExpress store is one of the best around.

Shop with TELAURA Swimwear Store

#4 NAYOOTON Official Store

swimwear aliexpress nayooton store

NAYOOTON is a proprietary brand from China. They have been pursuing creating comfortable, fashionable and stylish clothing for over 20 years.

Their philosophy is the principle of “quality first, service first, delivery speed first”. Even though this store couldn’t claim a considerable variety of swimwear, you can purchase some unique items that can’t be found in other stores.

Some of these unique items are MUST HAVE’S for your wardrobe, and you should take a look at this store for the unique items that they have to offer!

One of my favourite pieces of swimwear that they sell is the ‘Push up’ Bikini swimwear set. It is a great price and currently number 1 on the top selling list (in the NAYOOTON store). The seller also has big sizes up to 3XL.

Shop with NAYOOTON Official Store

#5 Riseado

swimwear aliexpress riseado

Riseado, is a Chinese brand, which is only focused on swimwear. Their dream is to create a competitive swimsuit for every woman who is shopping on aliexpress.

They have created a large variety of styles such as fashion, sport and retro outfits which are all enjoyed by the majority of customers that shop in this store.

The range of items is quite restricted on this Ali Express store, but the quality is excellent. The vendor has a small number of two-piece suits as well. Ladies with larger sizes could also find something for them. The sizes are up to 5XL.

Shop with Riseado

#6 Isidore Store

swimwear aliexpress isidore

This store has more than three years on the market. The first reason to trust this vendor is its awesome prices. It also has a vast diversity of items; lastly, Isidore has a wide range of sizes.

The seller can provide even 6XL. This means that this store has the most significant size range on the whole of this list!

Shop with Isidore Store

#7 RXRXCOCO Official Store

swimwear aliexpress rxrxcoco

The shop is only on AliExpress for its fourth year, but it has gained a tremendous amount of customer trust already. It secured a slot for the 10 Best Swimwear Stores.

The reason for this is because of the excellent quality and great prices. This store has over 500 items, so the variety is simply remarkable! In fact, they even have a ‘leggings’ range and a ‘cover-up’ range too.

Their excellence is not limited to just swimsuits!

Shop with RXRXCOCO Official Store

#8 Sporlike Official Store

swimwear aliexpress sporlike

Sporlike, previously know as Swimsuits Fairyland, was born in the summer of 2016, and they are a very young and fashionable brand. Their specific niche is dedicated to creating the best beachwear for vacation photography.

This swimwear store has an excellent variety of clothing with many modern-style models. You can find both open and closed swimsuits. The range in sizes is great too since they offer between S to XXXL.

Shop with Sporlike Official Store

#9 INGAGA Official Store

swimwear aliexpress ingaga

The diversity in this shop is not as massive as some of the other stores, but they often say that “quality is more important than quantity.” On this site, there are not only casual swimsuits but also professional quality suits for the sport of swimming! Interesting fact: For modest ladies, the store provides closed-type suits as well. I would recommend this to the younger demography too, as there are lots of stylish pieces on this site.

Shop with INGAGA Official Store

#10 Jaberi Official Store

The JABERAI group is a female swimsuit design company in China that has been running for decades. With their factory, Shops and online Shop in Aliexpress, they aim to inspire their customers across Aliexpress to dress their personal style and show Women’s self-confidence and beauty.

JABERAI is united by a passion for fashion and a drive to dress customers sustainably. You’ll find a massive variety of models, colours and sizes.

For this, we rank this store #10 for the Best Swimwear Stores on AliExpress

Shop with Jaberai Official Store

#11 Swmmer Liket Official Store

Swmmer Liket focuses on the design of swimsuits which follows the Euro-American fashion tide. It aims at assisting females with how to display their confidence and beautiful curves through swimsuit. They provide females with perfect swimwear, ranging from bikini sets, one-piece suits and cover-ups, in order to meet your demand on various occasions.

Shop with Swmmer Liket Official Store

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