We all love fashion. Who doesn’t like to sport trendy clothes, hip shoes and stylish hairstyles? Not to forget accessories to go with your overall look. The only thing not good about fashion is it is not permanent. It keeps changing. Sometimes it gets hard to catch up. We have thought about that problem, and in this article, we will showcase some of the women’s’ best fashion trends for the year 2020. We hope it will benefit the fashion-forward person in you.

Bowstring Palazzo pants:




Palazzo pants will be all the rage in the year 2020. They are practical, super comfy, and the fabric falls beautifully on your body. A variation with the regular palazzo pant is an additional piece of fabric around the waist that is held together with a bowstring and forms wavy curls on the front above the legs. It looks so stylish and charm to your regular palazzo pants. It is available in different colours and fabrics to suit the weather needs. We recommend you to give it a try.


Denim Pants:


Denim is one fabric that perhaps never goes out of style. It is there for all seasons and for all times. This year too denim pants will rule the roast. Our favourite is the stretchable skinny pants with a narrow bottom. It snugly fits on the legs, and you will feel great moving around because of the super stretchy fabric. You can pair it with a blouse, t-shirt, bodysuit. It will look equally good at everything.


Printed blouses:


Say goodbye to boring plain blouses. They look so bland and tasteless. Make friends with printed shirts instead. They look funky, sharp, and so vibrant. You can get them in a variety of designs. From fruits to patterns to graffiti-inspired art. Literally, anything can be printed on them, and they cater to every taste.




Rompers are not for baby girls only. Young girls can have fun with them too. And why not it is a great summer outfit. It gives you the freedom to move and it looks great too. Try them this summer. A tropical printed romper would be perfect for the summer. You will be the envy of your friends when you wear it.




We would prefer a sweater over a coat or a jacket on any given day. We believe sweaters have more character and class than a jacket. Sweaters add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. They come in a host of styles. You can try long sleeves, turtleneck, button-down, pullover etc. Our suggestion is whenever you buy a sweater go for slim fit one. Do not buy overly long or loose sweaters. They look so dowdy. Go for a nicely fitted sweater.


Beaded Denim Jackets:


Denim jackets beaded with pearls look fabulous. Go for the short one that sits above your waistline. The pearls will infuse a new spirit in the jacket. Here is a tip for you; instead of buying a new jacket, if you already have a denim jacket get some pearls attached to it. You can attach any type of beads doesn’t necessarily have to be pearls. Beads come in a lot of colours. You can also experiment with a lot of colours instead of just one. With a glue, you can do the job yourself. It will save you money. The beaded jacket will be a fashion trend this year.


Turn down collar blouses:

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For a semi-formal, to a formal look, we suggest you give the turndown collars a try. Don’t go for plain ones; they look so old-fashioned. Go for the one with stripes and patterns. The stripes would add glamour to your outfit. You can confidently wear it to your office. It can be paired with your jeans or pants. But turn down striped collar blouses are a must-have in your closet this year. They are available in regular and long sleeve versions. You can go for either depending on your taste.


Puffy Sleeves:

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Another fashion trend to watch out for is puffy sleeves. Designers are coming up with tops and blouses with voluminous puffy sleeves. You will feel like a Victorian princess wearing one. They can be a little tricky to carry, but you will get the hang of them in no time. It is not for everybody’s tastes, but you can give it a try.


Polka dots:

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Polka dots are another fashion fad that refuses to pass. It keeps making a comeback now and then. In this year too designers are coming up with polka dots laced designs. You can wear them on a shirt, skirt, shorts or even your lingerie. Polka dots look funky, and they have a nostalgic feel to them dating back to the swinging sixties. So, swing in the polka dots.

Denim Skirts:

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It is the third time denim is getting featured in our list and with food reason. Apart from denim pants and the beaded denim jacket, denim skirt will be a fashion phenomenon in 2020 as well. Now here we are explicitly talking about midi or maxi skirts, not the mini type. They look great. They feel great, plus they can be easily paired off with a lot of tops. Their versatility makes them so accessible.

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Pleats come in hot this season with pleated jackets, shirts, skirts and other outfits being featured on runways. Make a statement with a pleated outfit. The creases look classy. Just wearing one will give you a graceful look. Its appeal is vast and its charm unmatched.

This was our look at some of the fashion trends for this year. We predict they will be big this year and you won’t like to be left behind. We are sure you would fancy one or more from our list. Take your pick and flaunt the latest style with panache.

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