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Best Women Kimono Cardigan

With spring coming, kimono’s are coming into the picture as well. While kimono is originated from Japan and is originally used as their national dress, kimono is now adopted into modern fashion as a cardigan. You can find a lot of nop notch Hollywood actresses that are adopting the usage of kimono and combining them with everyday streetwear.

With the array of uses that kimono can bring to you, it has made itself as one of the essential clothing pieces that you have to own. Underneath is the list of the best women kimono cardigan that you can find:


Women Tassel Kimono 

black white cardigan

This is a beautiful simple kimono that has a geometric pattern on it. It is also decorated with tassels on the bottom of the kimono which makes it look a little bit bohemian style.

It is made with a mixture of polyester and cotton and is very comfortable to be worn during the hot summers. However, it has full sleeves and might be a little bit hot for some people. The tassels on the bottom of the dress can also make it a little bit complicated during the washing process. But other than that, the kimono is one to choose for!

Another thing to note is that because of the different sizes between the eastern people and western people, the size might be a little bit on the smaller side. It is essential for buyers who are interested in purchasing to take this into account.

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Shein’s Cardigan

Shein is one of the most common and popular clothing brands. They specialized in products that are affordable, however trendy. This kimono has exactly those qualities.

This kimono adopted the bohemian style and is made with 100% polyester. The dress is made as such that the fabric does not have stretchability.

Because of this, it is crucial to get your size right in the first place. It has a batwing model with a three quarter length sleeve. While it is beautifully decorated with jungle leaf print, the batwing design might not be suitable for all women’s body type.

It is, however, very useful if you are going to spend your holiday lounging all day long on the beach!

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Women Summer Kimono

women summer kimono

This best women kimono cardigan will give you the relax beach summer vibe. The kimono comes in various colours and patterns such as black, white, blue, and even cream. There are various patterns available to your liking!

This makes the kimono highly adjustable according to your needs.
The best part of this product is there are various sizes which you can choose from! The material is made of polyester that will ensure your comfort. It has a three-quarter sleeve that is not going to be a hassle should you wear it to the beach, or in a warm climatic place.

However, the flare sleeves tend to make the kimono look a little bit bigger, which might not be suitable for everyone. Please note before buying that there might be a different pattern location for the patterns that are on the kimono. The producers themselves are not able to guarantee the exact position of each design.

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Floral Loose Kimono Shawl

This kimono is another bohemian style kimono. It is decorated with a beautiful floral pattern which will make everyone turn their eyes on you. Made of polyester, the material is very comfortable to be worn during summer. However, this kimono, in particular, tends to run on the big size, so you need to order a smaller size for you to be able to fit it properly.

The kimono is also quite along, and dependable on your height might be suitable for you or not. There are also a lot of colours that play into the pattern that will make it harder for you to find something to combine it with.

Please note that there might be some colour changes due to the screen quality of your device and the light to the actual product.

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Summer Casual Kimono

summer casual kimono

This kimono only have one size. The design of the kimono is straightforward. It has a batwing sleeve style which makes it look elegant. The kimono is made with a mixture of polyester and chiffon, yet it is still soft and comfortable to be used.

The only downside of the front part is not entirely cut off, which can make the kimono look a little bit weird when being worn.

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Summer Kimino Cardigan

The kimono is black, decorated with floral designs.

The material is quite thin, which gives a see-through effect. It comes with various sizes from S to XL; however, the sizes might be a little bit off so you might want to take that into account when you ordered for them.

It is made of polyester that is suitable for the hot summer climate. The sleeve is regular; however, the kimono is quite long. Ladies who are quite short might not be too comfortable wearing it. Overall, it is a great product with great value for money!

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Simple Cardigan

cool black cardigan

This kimono is made of chiffon and is quite thin. It gives you a sheer look. It is made with a mixture of Polyester and Chiffon that makes it suitable to be worn on the beach. There is no excessive pattern that decorates the kimono, which makes it easier to be combined with other dress pieces that you have owned previously.

The kimono is modelled as casual looking kimono with a short sleeve which you can bring for any casual purposes as well. Before purchasing, it is also important to note that there will be some colour changes due to the screen and lighting.

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Simple White Cardigan

white long cardigan

Are you planning to spend a lot of time on the beach? Then this kimono is definitely for you! It is white in colour and is decorated with bohemian patterned lace all over the kimono. The length of the sleeve is three quarters. This kimono is very suitable if you would like to wear it as a bikini outer.

However, the kimono has only one size, which makes it suitable for some, and less suitable for others. It is also quite long.

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Floral Print Cardigan

floral prints cardigan

The kimono is beautifully and elegantly decorated with floral patterns. It comes with various colours such as; black, grey, yellow and even black. It also made ranging from size s to XXXL. It is made with a mixture of chiffon and polyester and is quite thin. It is sheer through.

The sleeve is nine quarters long, which might not be according to your liking. However, there are complaints regarding the size of the kimono.

The sheer through the look and the length of the sleeve, however, might not be suitable for everyone and every occasion.

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Elegant Kimono

elegant cardigan

Another elegant yet beautiful kimono. It is white in colour, with some floral pattern that decorated the entire kimono. It is completely made of rayon which textures resemble silk. It is very soft, and the simple elegance makes it suitable to be worn for any occasion; work, casual, party, even as your daily streetwear. The cardigan is also made adjusted for ladies that have various sizes; S to 5XL!

elegant cardigan sizes
This type of kimono will look extremely exquisite if combined with a boho top or an asymmetrical bloused. The kimono itself is completely bohemian, which makes it look trendy and classic at the same time.

However, the length of the kimono is quite long, and it has a batwing sleeve. It might not be suitable for anyone, especially ladies, who are short in stature.

There are various options for sending this product that is available for the customers. If you live in the united states, then you are in luck since there is a free shipping option that is available for you! 

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All About Kimino Cardigan

Kimono has become one of the most recent trends that everyone complies with. The reason is that kimono is lightweight, and it is also suitable for almost every occasion. Dependable on your body type, as well as your height, you might need a kimono with a certain model. There are a lot of models that are available besides the ones that are listed above.

The ones that i had reviewed can be considered the best according to the quality of the model, pattern, price as well as the ability for the supplier to ship the item worldwide to any customer.

Before buying a kimono, it is best that you ponder about the purpose of the kimono, whether you are buying it for a formal occasion, or merely a beachwear. You can later adopt the style of the kimono and the pattern of the kimono to adjust to your needs accordingly.

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