best women apparels prom dresses

Prom is the night of glamour and celebration, while you make memories with your friends.

Teenagers excitedly wait for prom and save up money for their prom dress for a long time.

They want their prom dress to look beautiful, eye-catching and comfortable. Many boutiques are offering gorgeous prom dresses, but they all cost a fortune.

There isn’t a need to burn a hole in your wallet for your prom dress that most likely you are only going to wear once.

To help you get your hands on an affordable prom dress, we did up a review for Cheap Prom Dresses on AliExpress for you girls

[Updated March 2020]


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#1 Sexy Backless Mermaid Prom Dress

best women apparels prom dresses mermaid

Frabic is nice, thick and stretchy. It comes with boobs cup. 

Normally for such kind of mermaid dress, it easily cost $300 – $500 bucks. 

But right now, we are able to get it at less than $60 bucks on AliExpress.

There are about 14 colors to choose from, if you are looking for a class theme or so, you can easily get 14 different colors for the whole lot of you.

best women apparels prom dresses mermaid side

Personal Thoughts: 

We feel that this dress would be better if it’s just a strapless top, without this whole mesh thing on it. It will look more elegant and pretty isn’t it? 

But it might be due to the overall weight of the dress, having a mesh top to support would be more ideal.

check this: Sexy Mermaid Prom Dress on AliExpress

#2 Lace Prom Dress / Evening Party

best women apparels prom dresses evening party

The ultimate classic round neck, flare dress is what you will see in every high school’s prom. Why? Because this sophisticated design can add instant elegance and timeless class to your overall look without overdoing it.

It has sheer fabric on the bottom and a very detailed bodice for the royal princess effect. This dress is available in 4 beautiful jewel tones, making it ideal for royal-themed prom night. Put on your favourite red lipstick, and you are ready to steal the crown at the prom.

Grab these beautiful yet cheap prom dresses by Aliexpress and make a statement without breaking your bank this year at the annual prom night.

These dresses will earn you a ton of compliments, we bet!

Check this: Lace Prom Dress on AliExpress

#3 Pink Party Prom Gown

best women apparels prom dresses pink gown

For all those girls, who like to show off a little bit of skin, this dress is what you need to get your hands on for the prom. This satin silk dress has a long slit on the side that adds a sultry touch to your overall look.

The drape and flow of the fabric make it look feminine and chic, which makes this dress perfect for prom night.

It is available in 14 different colours so you can choose the colour according to the theme of your prom and make all the heads turn with your beautiful outfit.

Check out: Pink Party Prom Gown on Aliexpress

#4 Prom Long Elegant Dress

best women apparels prom long elegant dress

A V-neck tulle prom gown is the most preferred option of a lot of girls. The flow and delicate fabric make the dress look very delicate and feminine.

This dress type is the ultimate classic for every year’s prom and never goes out of style. It is made up of high-quality material and comes in 5 different colour options and 7 sizes to fit everyone’s preferences and body shape.

Pair this dress with kitten heels, to complete the romantic look for your prom night.

Check out: Prom Long Elegant Dress on AliExpress

#5 Backless Prom Dress

best women apparels prom dresses 5

If you’re someone who prefers a girly and traditional touch when it comes to prom dresses, this pink knee length is probably the prom dress of your dreams.

Along with intricate embroidery covering the entirety of the dress gracefully, the fancy flare dress also features a unique, laced zip line and a silver belt to bind your look together and cinch the dress together at your waist to instantly look smarter.

best women apparels prom dresses pink 5

The backless feature of this dress is perfect for that innocently sexy touch we all want our cheap prom dresses to have. Its super short cap sleeves and boat neckline work together to show off your collarbones and make your look all the more elegant.

When paired with a half up, half down hairdo and some silver accessories, this dress will make sure you’re the belle of the ball with its enchanting salmon shade and delicately detailed, ruffled embroidery.

Check out: Backless Prom Dress on AliExpress

#6 Black Prom Gown

best women apparels prom dresses 6

Looking for a cheap prom dresses to rock prom with a darkly glamorous twist, this black, high low, flare dress is just what you’ve been looking for.

Its three fourth length sleeves with detailed embroidery are just elegant enough to make sure you can grace your wrists with a few minimalistic silvery accessories. But at the same time looking sleek and prim with the modest length.

best women apparels prom dresses 6 back

The dress is knee length at the front so you can show off your legs that you’ve been working hard on just for prom and flowy nature of the dress will give off the perfect sophisticated and feminine vibe.

The V neckline is graced with equally dark, floral embroidery which ends just after the waistline to top the look off with a decorative and chic touch.

Check out: Black Prom Gown on AliExpress

#7 Elegant Sexy Dress

best women apparels prom dresses front

If you’re into a combination of sexy and elegant when it comes to a prom dress, this grey and navy duo is the one for you.

With an asymmetric, one-shoulder neckline and backless feature, you can show off your shoulders and collarbones as you please for that sultry and chic touch.

The navy blue, floor-length skirt of this dress will fit smartly at your waist with its chic, flat belt and the eye-catching a flare of the dress will immediately add extra points to your look.

best women apparels prom dresses 8

When paired with gold or maroon accessories, this dress will definitely be the most fashionably forward at the prom party and make sure the spotlight stays on you and shows off your glamour.

The V neckline is graced with equally dark, floral embroidery which ends just after the waistline to top the look off with a decorative and chic touch.

Check out: Elegant Sexy Dress on AliExpress

#8 Halter Neck Dress

The top reason why this would be an ideal cheap prom dresses for prom is that you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

As Chanel’s Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld, once said, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.”

Not only is this thigh length black dress a modernized classic, but it also has a hot pink undertone which is the perfect secret statement.

For that, you’ll be able to show off while rocking out at the dance floor.

With a deep V neckline and backless feature, this dress is definitely all things modern, voguish, and the prom dress of your dreams.

Check out: Halter Neck Dress on AliExpress

#9 Red Alert

Nothing speaks bold and beautiful, other than red. This beautiful and flowy material is an excellent choice for your date night.

It has just the right amount of embroidery to give additional glamour to the whole piece. The layering on the skirt makes it perfect for twirling around with joy and happiness.

Avoid wearing heavy makeup with this dress and add a lovely bracelet to accentuate the look.

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