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In the past, AliExpress had poor quality control standards; thus you might have bad experienced, receiving low-quality apparels. Now they are controlling, and with all the reviews left by the buyers, it makes it easier for us to find a reliable seller in AliExpress.

Here we provide you complete information on such Top 8 Clothing Store for Women.

The brands which we mentioned here have positive feedback of more than 97% from the buyers and have completed more than 20,000 sales of their products.

List of Top 8 Clothing Store for Women in AliExpress

  1. Simplee Apparel
  2. SheIn Official Store
  3. Sisjuly Official Store
  4. COLROVIE Official Store
  5. Toyouth
  6. Vadim Official Store
  7. Every-Pretty Official Store
  8. MIEGOFCE Official Store

#1 – Simplee Apparel

The store is there in Aliexpress for five years and enjoys positive feedback of 97.8%.

You can easily understand from the feedback how popular brand it is on the website. The brand is majorly known as a women apparel company.

Top clothing store for women

As a fashion brand, Simplee inspires more women to achieve confident, gorgeous and excellent self.

Top clothing store for women

Check out this Simplee Apparel Store today

#2 – SheIn Official Store

Started in 2008 by a group of fashion lovers, this brand has gained tremendous popularity over the years. The brand started their work in New Jersey, and now their business has spread worldwide. They have different styles but they look effortlessly cool, and a touch of class is always there.

Top clothing store for women

The SheIn girl is fashion forward yet classy, cool and unafraid to venture into different styles.

Top clothing store for women

From graphic tees and boho dresses to the chic swimwear and patterned blouses. All that you will need for the season. They even cater plus sizes outfit to suit everyone.

This is also why this store is listed as Top 8 Clothing Store for Women on AliExpress.

check out the Shien Official Store on AliExpress

#3 – Sisjuly Official Store:

Top clothing store for women

The major aim of the store is producing retro style clothing for woman. You can recover the classic styles of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s with their dresses.

Each dress will take you back to history. Some of the famous styles by them are Hepburn Classic style of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Style of the 50s, and the Twiggy Style of the 60s.

The trend is turning and retro fashion is catching up!

Top clothing store for women

check out the Sisjuly Official Store on AliExpress

#4 COLROVIE Official Store

top clothing store colrovie store

COLROVIE Official Store was set up in 2008 and specialized in providing affordable fast fashion women’s apparels.

Their main target audiences are women aged 18-35 who are fashion lovers.

They believed in using high-quality material and providing good customer service. Thus, it makes them one of the Top Brand on Aliexpress.

top clothing store colrovie

Check out COLROVIE Official Store on Aliexpress

#5 Toyouth

top clothing store toyouth

A clothing store in AliExpress that focus on modern design for the Youth.

Check out Toyouth on AliExpress

#6 Vadim Official Store

top clothing store vadim

Vadim Official Store is a brand name that is around for 6 years with positive reviews.

Check out Vadim Official Store on AliExpress

#7 Every Pretty Official Store

top clothing store every pretty

Every Pretty store brings out the best out our their customers.  

They ensure that all their apparels are made with good materials and they are strong in their quality controlling. 

Check out Every Pretty Official Store on AliExpress

#8 MIEGOFCE Official Store

top clothing store miegofce

MIEGOFCE Official is a European style apparels store on AliExpress.

They produce clothing in bulk from their very own factories. 

Check out MIEGOFCE Official Store on Aliexpress

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